Fleet Management/Service

Are you looking for a truck repair shop worthy of handling your fleet management? We understand that fleet managers need to keep their feet moving, which is why we offer all types of services and repairs for fleet accounts. Besides necessary repairs and vehicle maintenance, we help fleet accounts minimize risks, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Let Ruppert’s Fleet Services provide complete maintenance and repair for your commercial fleet. We save you money by eliminating in house maintenance overhead on:

  • Employee expense
  • Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Liability
  • Training expense
  • Parts Inventory

Our maintenance program allows companies to focus on their core business, secure in the knowledge that their equipment meets operating and regulatory demands.

  • Techs stationed at your location- or on call
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Maintenance record keeping

Our industry-leading expertise has helped us become one of the best fleet repair shops in the York area. If you have any questions about our service offerings, or want to know more about how we can help your business, contact us today.

Benefits to choosing Ruppert’s

  • TQualified, Licensed Technicians
  • Dispatch times are short
  • Close to break down – Average distance would be less than 20 miles
  • Roadside repair service with dispatch oversight / Accurate and timely customer communications
  • Service Trucks are fully equipped and professionally maintained
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